Friday, December 13, 2013

The GODDESS is ready to give! Welcome to the FIRST Edition of GODDESS GOODIES!

I've always loved the name 'Blog Candy'. It's hip, it's cute and it's effective in communicating the opportunity for you to win a few freebies, usually by leaving a comment and having the Randomizer pick the lucky winner.

Here, however, it will be called 'Goddess Goodies' and I'm gonna make y'all WORK to win!! <rubbing my hands together in maniacal glee>

So, you're wondering how I came up with the idea to do this, right???

OF COURSE NOT!! YOU'RE JUST EXCITED I'M GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF!!!  This is why I like you people. No having to write a bunch of fancy crap to impress me-just wanna win!!! Y'all ROCK!

In my previous post, I mentioned that I entered a great number of Impression Obsession challenges, due to my have a good number of their dies. After posting, I thought that I would give them a count and just see how many IO dies I had.

Oh, my Lord. I'll tell you the actual number later...suffice it to say it went WAY beyond the number 25. And that's just IO dies!!!! And ALL in ONE YEAR!! YIKES!!

To be fair, it's not really my fault. The fault resides with Lee-Anne and her blog, Creatively LA. Click the link and you'll see why I was powerless in my drive to CASE her cards. She was the first blog I looked at when I started and I fell HARD for her work!

But it was THIS that sent me down the road to loving me some die cuts AND to being an Impression Obsession Preferred Customer (in my own mind). The tree was the first die I ever purchased.

If this wasn't enough, Lee-Anne had to go on creating even MORE gorgeous cards that I was COMPELLED to CASE. Next, was this creation that, other than leaving me breathless when I saw it, introduced me to Verve stamps and  ink techniques. I can assure you I've CASEd this card so many times it's ridiculous...wouldn't you?????

If you check out my gallery at Splitcoast Stampers, the very first card I made and uploaded was based on THIS card . I hope you're starting to see who the REAL victim is, here.  hee hee hee

Seriously, though...she took time to answer my questions and I really connected to her work and techniques, although my best isn't worthy of any comparison to her work.

Next was Kittie, who took me down the road of Memory Box and Poppystamps. I mean, really...aren't YOU blown away by THIS???

THIS was Kittie's work that I saw that made me push to the next level. She, like Lee-Anne, is one of the kindest people I've met. She, too, would answer my questions without fail, and NEVER acted like I was a pain in the a**.

And we all know I was, right??? <grin>

LORD, these women have made me spend some money!!!

Actually, they both probably have restraining orders against me. I've mentioned them so many times and thanked them to the point they're probably exhausted by it! But I can't help it...I'm loyal to a fault and when people are kind, I'll promote the devil out of them. If you're ass to me....well...I think we all know by now that the LAST thing I am is quiet about my experiences. <evil grin>  Sorry, ladies...but you're my idols. Thank you for everything!


I just LOVE the smell of self-promotion in the morning!!!

Here's how it works...Leave a comment with your guess as to how many dies I own. ...the person closest to the exact number of dies I own, without going over, wins the following 7 unopened packs of GORGEOUS Ellen Hutson Ribbon!! (Thanks to Kittie for the idea) Every time you order, EH includes a yard of their gorgeous ribbon. I think she might have sent some extra by accident...there's NO way I could've placed 3 separate orders in October and two each in September and November. Uh-Uh. No way.  ;)

I'll also include a brand new 6x6 On Trend Crate Paper Pad. Still sealed. I'll ship to you at my expense. Winner will be announced on December 20th. You can leave up to 3 separate guesses a day. In the event of a tie, each person will be assigned a number in sequence: 1, 2, 3  etc. with the winner being chosen by Randomizer.

OMG!! This is so fun!!!! Now, I'll have to buy EXTRA to make sure I have Goddess Giveaway items! Whoo-hoo!

My husband, who is popping in and out to read the blog, just now walked out of the room and I can hear him whimpering...hmmm...wonder why???  heh heh heh
DISCLAIMER: I don't work for any papercraft company, nor am I paid to endorse any papercraft company. Or craft company. Or ANY company, being that I'm on leave of absence from work. No one has asked me or paid me to mention or promote anything on this blog. The prizes are either purchased at retail by me or received as a gift enclosed in an order I made, and for which I paid retail price. No shennanigans here, folks. I keep ANY shenanagans limited to the means by which I manipulate my husband. Hmmm...why do I feel most disclaimers are different from this one???

Good luck!!! Thanks for playing!!!


  1. Carmen, I am a terrible guesser. If I was a good one, I would have already won the lottery many times. :) Let's see, it sounds like in only 3 months you ordered at least 7 or more from Ellen Hutson. That did not include IO dies. Since you are saying you are hooked, I will take a wild guess of a total of 75. I may be way off base, but give me credit for trying. :)

  2. Sitting here blushing after reading this blog entry, Carmen...thank you! However, I am concerned that your dear hubby may be saying other things about me...especially with all the dies you've guess is 62...and let's not talk about how many dies I've collected :)

  3. Oh my...oh boy...hmmm. Tell you what...I'm going to take a quick picture of my die holder. Based on your guesses, I've been SUPER OCD in collecting dies! Btw...Lee-Anne-you deserved every compliment! Besides, it's all the truth!!! I hope I can inspire a newbie the way you and Kittie inspired me. As to the long as I'm not b*tching at him or asking him to do anything, I've got free rein in the craft room so he says NOTHING!!! LOL Cindy, I'm heading to your challenge and see what I can putting the pic up first, tho...

  4. Would 60 be close? There are a lot of IO dies and Memory Box, hmm, well and MFT too...that I would love to own. I buy so many stamps that the money for dies isn't always there. Thank you for a chance to win the Goddess Goodies!

    Katie B.