Monday, December 30, 2013

It's HERE! Goddess Giveaway #2

I DESPERATELY wanted to impress you by coming up with a WONDERFUL contest. Something that would set you afire with a surge of creative flames.

But I got nothin.'

Okay, maybe I have a little something...

I have two trains of thoughts here and would LOVE to get your take on them!

I refuse to give things away via randomizer. Why go through all the trouble of making a card for a contest if it isn't judged on merit? Don't get me wrong...I'll still play the game on THEIR sites, but not on mine. Therefore, my first train of thought is to give a bit of inspiration and have you submit cards. Then, have them judged by two people...the first is my sister, who has been stamping and crafting for 25 plus years and my husband, who don't know sh*t about ANY of this, except that he thinks it costs too much with no return.

OR, I can come up with questions like "How many EF folders do I have?" or "How many times did I go potty yesterday? Number 1 only because a lady doesn't do anything else."

Crap. This is a TOTAL U-PAM (Unexpected pre-adderall moment) When I was growing up, we did NOT talk about bodily functions. It was completely unladylike. I actually had my 10 year old say to me recently, that, because of my fine teachings, until recently, he believed that girls did NOT do ANYTHING but #1. I patted him on the head and told him he was a good boy. But while I can cuss like a sailor, I still refuse to say the 'F' word. No...not the F word you're thinking about...I'm talking about the 'F' word that stands for the bodily function of expelling gas out your rear end. For Christmas last year, my oldest son gave me a magnet that said "Women don't s**t, f**t or b*rp, that's why they b*tch...otherwise they'd blow up." I laughed and immediately disinherited him.

But back to the dilemma. Cute guessing questions or weekly card competition? We can do it any way we like because I'm not beholden to ANYONE, so restrictions be damned!!

Up for grabs this week, a prize pack you'll LOVE!

With the addition of TWO more yards of EH Ribbon (a total of 9 yards of gorgeous satin ribbon!) a custom made vintage stamp, Recollections Chipboard Embellishments, Rhinestone Embellishments and a new Copic Sketch Pen E18-Copper

So, you guys vote on this post...let me know what YOU want to do in terms of competing for prize giveaways. I'll announce the contest tomorrow after 6pm-even if it's a card competition, you'll have PLENTY of time to create a card...unless you're me and you forgot to have your meds filled.

UPAM #2-Adderall is to keep you focused and help you retain things. Yet, I'm always FORGETTING to take it OR forgetting to have it filled. THAT dichotomy should not escape the attention of physicians everywhere.

ANYWAY, let me know and get your friends involved! I'd also like to eventually feature guest work/tutorials/articles whatever. since we're a small blog, we can be a lot more specific about techniques, etc. Not trying to compete with anyone...I just like the idea of having different people with different ideas, who just need a place to exhibit or expose THEIR blogs to a different audience! There's enough for ALL of us!! Lastly, I just want all of us to have fun!

***Blog candy giveaway. Until I get a little more creative, let's have fun figuring out how many EMBOSSING FOLDERS-including plates-that are currently residing in my Stamp n Storage box. Winner will be announced on Friday the 3rd. You can enter up to 3 times a day. Thank you  and GOOD LUCK!


  1. I found you! We "met" on Ebay this week ... :-) I just signed up to follow you by email notice. What a super great blog you have. Your blog candy not's bad either! A new friend! YAY! Happy New Year and I look forward to "seeing and talking" to you more! Hugs!

  2. BOBBI!!! I'm BEYOND thrilled! You have NO idea!!! Yes..we are definitely friends and I'm so happy you found the blog. Please email me anytime or comment here...I'm pretty quick to return a comment because, well, it ain't like I got anything else going on!!! LOL

  3. Okay, embossing folders...35? Yikes, I just counted next guess will be much higher. As far as entering contests. I like making cards for fun and feel that it is art. I don't think that you can judge art, you either like it or not. I only enter challenges where the 'winner' is picked at random. I don't want to be judged on my art. I can walk outside and receive 150 judgements with the first 5 minutes from other people on a variety of topics. Life is harsh. Having a creative outlet is so important and beneficial. To have someone say, well your card is not as good as someone elses is just ridiculous and untrue. Okay...I could go on but I will stop here. As far as blogland goes, I like encouraging others and putting positive comments out there. It is so great to be a part of this large widespread community of people that have the same interests as me. Okay...I could go on about that too but I will stop there as well (all good things though). Otherwise I will never finish this. Thanks for sharing your opinions. I think you have some great ideas for your blog. What is most important to you? Talk to you soon. Happy New Year!

    Katie B.

  4. know what??? As much as I hate the random drawing stuff, I completely see your point! Unless it's something like guessing embossing folders, etc. I'll stick with the randomizer. Thanks for the comment...well thought out and makes a hell of a point!! Mwaaah!!

  5. Hey Carmen, I came back here to apologize for going on for so long with my opinions. I have a lot of reasons why I don't participate in the challenges where 'whomever' chooses a winner based on 'whatever' criteria. But that doesn't mean that I would never enter a contest with a chosen winner. I don't mind the machine. When I first started entering challenges I was at a point where I had taken a lot of classes at my local stamp and scrapbook stores, and in turn had bought a lot of stuff! And I wanted to use my stamps, not just look at them, so the challenges forced me to pick a House-Mouse stamp for example and create something with it by a deadline. I remember the first two cards I made for the Impression Obsession challenges...I didn't make the deadline because I was just sooo slow, and still am compared to most people (everyone!). Anyway, going on again... This is your forum to speak not mine, ha! :) I still have not decided whether to start a blog or not...four years later!

    Okay, another about 65? Talk to you soon.


  6. Katie...NO! Don't dare apologize!! You made complete sense and I agree totally! I never thought of it that way!!! speak your mind on this blog anytime..compliments or criticism. I mean that. If I worried about having only 'sweetness and light' on this blog, I'd monitor the comments before allowing them to post. I simply won't do that. Big hugs to you and I'm serious...if there's anything but a guessing game, we're going to randomizer. What's a mind for unless you can change it?? MWAAAH! Hugs, chica!!

  7. Well either I am a spendthrift ( ha ha) or I have too many folders. I guess 73 this time as I have 6 or 8 plates as well as my embossing folders. Your peony ( not that polite society says pee) card is so sweetly pink and so pretty. Blessings, Carole

  8. I guess 40! I love the idea of guessing things in your craft room or other totally random things. You are sooo funny!

  9. Give me 72! I forget what they have to say on Jeopardy before every answer... We had a beautiful snowy night here in Northern VA but only got a few (maybe 2 or 3 inches). Now it is just very cold and very windy.

    Katie B.