Friday, December 13, 2013

Oooohhhhhh.....SOMEBODY done learned to work two challenges at ONCE! What-EVAH will this do to my reputation?

Entered in the Impression Obsession "Think Snow" challenge. To enter this or future Impression Obsession challenges, visit their blog here:

Also entered in the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge "Let It Snow" To enter this or future challenges, visit their blog here:

Impression Obsession Pine Branch Die  DIE021-N
Impression Obsession Mistletoe and Bells Die  DIE110-G
Impression Obsession Sentiment "Let It Snow"  B8145 
Liquid Applique-White
Ranger Embossing Tinsel in Snowflake
Black, Metallic Silver, Green and Red Cardstock
Glossy Accents
Mounting Tape

I cut the pine branch die twice and glued them together, I then glued the bells die to the branches and used Liquid Applique liberally for the 'snow'. Using mounting tape, I adhered all to the black cardstock, then stamped the sentiment in VersaMark and embossed it with the Ranger Embossing Tinsel

This week is a big one for me, folks. You see, any time I visit my fave blogs or spend time looking at the Splitcoast Stampers 'Dirty Girls'.......


SIDEBAR...Dirty Girl is the tongue in cheek nickname for a girl in the the SCS Dirty Dozen, which is what they call their current design team...I know YOU already know that, but my husband doesn't and he just peeked over my shoulder and got ALL interested in my 'hobby' all of a sudden. Who knew that all I had to do to get my husband to admire my work and read my blog was to use the phrases 'two at once', 'tongue in cheek' and 'dirty girls' in my posts!

SIDEBAR II...Good thing he didn't see the word 'mounting' or, just moments after he left, see, my hormones deciding to throw a party and bring on a hot flash from Hades, or he may have proposed to me again! Or at least come up off some extra cash for the after Christmas Sales!

SIDEBAR III...I can't believe I'm getting hot flashes at 29! Is that normal??? (heh heh)

Back to the topic at hand, which I haven't even bothered to establish. Sorry.

Many of the girls who participate in challenges are able to take one card and make the design fit two or three challenges. One time, I saw a girl hit FIVE challenges...FIVE...with ONE card!!

Not so with yours truly.

I'm becoming pretty consistent in participating in the Impression Obsession challenges, simply due to my owning a good number of their dies. But not other challenges because I'm kind of 'single-minded' in  my efforts...mainly due to the Adderall I take for ADD. I COULD skip a dose and let the Crazy open every door and see what happens, but I don't like to do that: Allowing that many open doors in MY brain usually leads to forgotten appointments, going to the wrong school to pick up my kids, take-out due to my not being able to follow a recipe, occasional Law Enforcement intervention...well, you get my drift.

But THIS week, two challenges are relatively similar so I'm entering this card into both...a feat that may not impress you and would definitely NOT impress Albrecht, (one of my favorite painters and who I can't help having the hots for every time I see his self-portrait...which is kind of weird, but he IS a hottie...even for a guy from the 1500's)...but being able to create one card to fit two challenges is...well...for ME, it's...well...almost a miracle.

I'm going to go rest on my laurels and toast myself later on...about 5pm...which is the earliest you can have a cocktail in the South without the Pentecostals showing up to discourse on the evils of alcohol (and throw a little tongue speaking in there for good measure) and prevent your neighbors from secretly sending you AA pamphlets and referring to you as  'the lush down at 112 W View.

So, being a girl who has had 300 years of her family reside in this small area of central North Carolina, I'll abide by Southern social rules and wait.

What do you mean by asking what's in my hand? It's a glass of Sprite! What are you talking about? It doesn't 'smell' like liquor...Vodka has no smell! Oh! You said liquor, not Vodka. Oh, Great.

Here come the Pentecostals.


  1. ROTFLMAO!! When the doorbell rings, try yelling back into the house " Honey, the sacrifice is here!". Works like a charm for us!
    Great card! The "snow" looks awesome!

  2. SHONA!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That is the BEST!! I desperately want to use it but I'm afraid they'll say "YEEEEEE HAWWW...LETS DO THAT THANG" and whip out some snakes then I'll go fetal in the corner from fear and I'll end up on the pyre. I think I'll just let em' keep thinking it's 'Sprite'. HAH Btw...I'm doing my FIRST giveaway! It's called 'guess how many dies I have'...make sure you enter...PLEASE! I'm DYING to do this either weekly or bi-weekly and I REALLY want people to enter! If not...I know where I can pick up a spare Pentacostal (oddly enough, they hang out at Target and anytime you need a snake or exorcism, they're ready!) and I'll send him on up to visit you. heh heh

  3. I love this card! The contrast of the black against the dies with the snow looks awesome. I love this bell die, how did I miss that?! I did want to get the pine branch die but forgot to put it on the order last month (I did get the cats though...not sure what I can do with them and the topic of snow :) ). Thank you for your nice comment on my card!! And I love take-out! I am off to enter your giveaway. :)

    Katie B.

  4. This is very pretty! The snow look wonderful! Thanks so much for playing along with us over at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!

  5. JINGLE! I'll have you know I ALWAYS go to CAS-ual Fridays, specifically to look at your cards!!! I LOVE your take on things...very non traditional. I dig that! Thanks for the comment...huge for me and I appreciate it!

    Katie! Glad to see you and so happy you entered the contest!!!! Odds are good since I'm up to about 3 people participating! HAHAHAHAHA

  6. This is gorgeous, Carmen! I love all the layers and especially the snow on the edges of the pine leaves and bells. Thanks so much for playing along with the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!