Friday, December 20, 2013

The 1st Goddess Giveaway is Here!!

Okay, people...this is the moment you have ALL (4 of you)  been waiting for!

This, being my 1 year anniversary in this cardmaking/papercrafting/general monetary black hole of a hobby, I wanted to celebrate by giving things away.

Being that I hate a damned Radomizer (isn't that what Mega Millions and Powerball are all about?) I decided to give away my anniversary prize pack based on your guess as to how many dies I have collected over the past 12 months.

The actual number really scared me a bit...if you averaged 10 bucks for every die...oh, Lord...nevermind...let's just move on, shall we??

The prize pack today consists of the following, NEW items:

A 6x6 On Trend Crate Paper Pad
Copic Sketch Marker E15 Dark Suntan
7 Let's make it 8 yards of gorgeous Ellen Hutson Ribbon
Chipboard ephemera and crystal flourish

Okay..I know I'm stretching this out...but I have to tell you this ...the next Giveaway will be 2 weeks from today. I'll give you the deets on Monday but I will tell you this...the prize will be even bigger....and will include CASH. That's right! Cold. Hard. Cash. I kid you not.

Now, I pleased to announce the winner.


Here's here post with her guess:
I thought I put in a guess and a comment before, but I don't see it anywhere. The guess was based on my own embarrassing hoard of dies, and I know a lot of people who have me beat by a mile. I guess 163 and if you seperate all your sets into individuals, ie. Spellbinders, my guess is then multiplied by 4.5. My comment was about Kittie (All Hail the Queen !!), and her needing to bear some responsibility for my ever increasing supply of IO dies. Hmm, is that a Kittie style wreath on your card ? Just wondering, as I'm cutting a stack of little bits of paper to make my own. Great card ! Love the icicles!!!

Now, here's the bizarre part. I wrote down the guesses and handed it to my sister. She counted my dies as sets. When she finished the first time, she looked at the paper and said 'No freakin' way'.

She started counting again, ignoring my repeated questions asking what happened.

She wrote the number down and said "Look at this."

I will stand here and swear before all that the number she counted TWICE was this:



Shona, shoot me an email with your addy to



  1. One hundred and sixty-two ??!! You should be ashamed of letting Kittie corrupt you like that. You're a grown woman, for Heaven's Sake !!
    And NO, that's not a new order from IO on my desk ! Dies ? What dies? I didn't see any new dies. Oh, you mean those ones? That's different, I NEED those Seabirds and Shells, they go with all my IO nautical themed stamps. I'm a Nova Scotian, so they don't count!
    So you wonder how I came up with 163? Well, I didn't count my ALL my dies, I just counted the ones closest to me and extrapolated the number from that. If you actually count them, then you lose deniablity. Deniability is a very important thing to have with this hobby especially when DH asks "Don't you have enough of those yet?'. If you never count anything, you can say " Oh no, I only have a few, and I just need a couple more." ;)
    I could try telling DH that it's all Kittie's fault, but I'm a die-hard dog person, so he wouldn't believe me !

  2. FINALLY! Someone to share my OCD and addiction tendencies with!! HAHAHAHAHA You're AWESOME! Just make sure to show to everyone and rub it in their faces. heh hehl me your addy so I can add to;...collection?? :)

  3. OM Gosh, your writing style and ability to verbalize the incredible insanity we all develop when we jump into this craft is amazing! Fun stuff! I am pretty sure my number is close to yours, but I would rather live in the fantasy where I believe I really don't spend too much on this hobby!

  4. Congrats, Shona!

    And just so you know Carmen...I will NEVER admit to how many dies I have lol! You are a brave woman to own up!

    Merry Christmas !!!