Thursday, March 24, 2016

Leave a message...

"Hi....this is Carmen's mojo. I'm not in right now, as I'm sure you're aware based on Carmen's entries-and lack, thereof, during these past two weeks.  I'm not really sure when I'll be back. To be totally honest, I find I need a break from Carmen's OCD on occasion. Talk about a complete jacka...ahem...anyway, I'll be back, soon. Maybe not soon enough for the unfortunate (and obviously unaware of what really GOOD comedy is) blog subscribers, but I WILL be back, nonetheless. As far as any of you know. You can leave a message, but I'll pretend I never got the notification on my phone when you ask me about it. God bless the excuse EVER for ignoring relatives, bill collectors, and your 40+ year old friends who have taken up texting like a diet pill that actually WORKS, and can't seem to stop themselves from shooting you texts every 15-20 seconds, but won't answer the phone when you call them. Talk about jacka....BEEP"

Look. I KNOW we all have dry spells in life. My longest mojo-less period lasted about a month. When it happened, I reminded myself that we can all use a little downtime, and then I went out and bought a horse.  

It didn't help me find my lost mojo, but it provided me with about the same excuse to escape my children and remind my husband of my value. Because, without me, he'd have to raise three children while sending me half his paycheck and retirement to my post office box in Key West. 

Well...It's actually sort of what it's like now, sans the Key West PO Box. I'm valuable in that I can keep the kids distracted and outside. OR be quick to hand out the 'benadryl' if a little peace and quiet is needed IMMEDIATELY. 

But back to the errant-and MIA-Mojo. swap theme this month is Odd Dreams. This has been a doozy for me. Maybe it's because it's a topic that's so broad and so open that there are so MANY ways I could go that I don't know what to do! You've seen my other two entries...Bette Davis EYE and Own Your Odd Dreams, and I was panicked by the third. 

Then, I thought about a project that I thought may be the first of its kind. Sort of like the Mermaid ATC Tunnel Book that I made and-to this day-have never seen another (and yes...I'm sitting here with a big, goofy grin on my face). 

So, I began with the front of my 'first of its kind' ATC idea. I used fairies from the G45 collection Once Upon a Springtime. I had a white frame-that I mostly obscured with the greenery, oh well-and added flowers, brass butterflies and dragonflies, etc. Which I could argue that fairies are dreams and if my BOYS dreamed of fairies, then they'd be ODD dreams to then. So, I ran with it.

When I finished, I put this as the front piece of a chipboard box I made, that measure 3.5 x 2.5, but is 1 inch thick. Why? So it could hold THIS.

That's right! It's music box!!!

(Big goofy grin just got bigger and goofier)

What does it play??

"Dream, Dream, Dream", of course.


  1. I LOVE seeing what you've been up to and reading your hilarious descriptions! I'm out of adjectives to describe your incredible creations. I do believe you have mimed Erma Bombeck so well, even she'd be impressed! Thanks for sharing your art AND your humor!

  2. Oh no....your Mojo ran away and had the nerve to take you with it. How dare it. I am already missing both of you as your projects and your humor are my new found friends. But in life we all need breaks even from the best of friends and especially certain family members whom I live nameless. Your latest creation is simple amazing. I wish you taught classes so we could all witness your process. I am again in awe.

    Hope Mr. Mojo and you return soon but you deserve a break from all of us. Just try to stay sane during the long Spring/Easter break. My home has been invaded by three grandsons who exhaust me and deplete me mentally but I love them. Though I have gotten wise in my old age and allow them to come one at a time for 2 days each. Need a day or two off in between for a nice bottle of wine and whatever else I can consume that will take me someplace else. Lol. You will be missed.