Monday, March 28, 2016

Art is Hard.

I love to "art".

Most of the time, I've got a handle on things. 

Like today, my absent MOJO decided to return (with a written list of requirements that I had to if I have a chance in Hades of controlling my OCD with my current medication would take quantities to rival actual LIVESTOCK dosages to get THAT under some semblance of control) and I was delighted to look at my next two projects with joy. I knew exactly what themes I'd use, one or two cool derivations I'd go with, etc. It was HEAVENLY.

But before I could move on and free myself from the abyss of mojo-less artists (which, by the way, is stocked with coffee, donuts, Outlander novels, tissues and the occasional Xanax) I had to deal with one final project that was conceived-and mostly constructed-during this purgatory.

My Tim's Tags for March.


Tim's tags for 2016 are a mishmash of techniques he has taught us through the years. They're fun and I'm sure a heck of a lot less work for him. I don't blame him. If I were Tim, I'd be scheduling visitation time with my boatloads of cash on an hourly basis.

This one involved quite a few steps. First, I cut a tag using his Tag and Bookplate die from scrap paper. Then, I cut another tag from word printed dp and glued them together. Next, I took another tag and, using my mixed media thinlits (also by Tim) I cut designs in it and glued that on top. I coated it with gesso and used Tim's new crayons to color over everything.

The crayons are cool. Word of advice, in small areas. Lay color and begin blending. Leave it on too long and it's hard to blend. 

Knowing I would be using the snowflake die and would go with a Christmas theme, I stuck with blues, a bit of green and a touch of Fossilized Amber.

I embossed those tags with the snowflakes, then used a glue stick to coat the tops and used bronze foil sheets to give it a little sparkle. 

Lastly, Tim had us using cardboard to cut out our die shapes and thus get a multi-dimensional effect. 

Except I don't think I got it. The effect, that is. 

I had the WORST time trying to figure out what to do with the cardboard. I bet I hit that thing with every stain and distress paint created. The end result was my being almost dragged away from the table by my husband, who was worried about my mental state by that time. I exaggerate. He heard me cussing and immediately broke out the ice cream. I lit out of the craft room at speeds not seen since I was pre-puberty.

In the end, I kept the added stuff sparse and just hoped for the best. 

I thought about redoing it, now that my mojo is back, but immediately dismissed the idea. Mostly due to the PTSD effects I experienced when I thought about it. Those effects being lightheadedness, uncontrollable trembling and a craving for ice cream.

Which I will enjoy while you''viewing'...this entry.

Good luck with that. 


  1. Carmen, I love your tag! Beautiful color choices - your snowflakes are so striking against that gorgeous cardboard background! I also loved your post - was laughing, especially when you said you were trying to figure out what to do with the cardboard - LOL, I feel your pain! But you did figure it out...great job :-)

  2. Amazing tag! You are the queen of mixed media and thanks for the tip on the crayons! The snowflakes are just gorgeous and thanks for the laughs, especially mentioning his "boatloads of cash" I've taken several classes with Tim and watched him at a convention. Not only is he imaginative but watching him sell and entertain as he demos and teaches is the art that is truly his specialty!

  3. Carmen, your tag is gorgeous. I love the snowflakes! I have yet to try one of Tim's tags. I have good intentions every month, but they never work out. Thanks for sharing.