Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mermaids, Horses and Lie Bumps

First of all, I can assure you that every one of the elements in this title will make this blog post. Some how, some way.

Lets begin with the easy one: Mermaids

This ATC is one of the 3 I'm making for the swap at VintagePhotoImageATC's. This is one of the two ATC swap groups that I was DYING to join. Your work had to be judged by a group and, once selected, you had to fight others to the death in hand to hand combat. Where, thanks to my mad skills with a bow and arrow...



I totally get my life mixed up with movie plots, sometimes. Because you can see where there would be confusion between a hot, young bow and arrow ace who was fighting to deliver her world from oppression, and a 47 year old woman whose only skills are fitting a half a carton of ice cream in a regular sized bowl and who thinks the way to deliver her world from oppression is through open communication and vodka. 

In tandem, mind you.

Like it or not, you have to admit it's a close as anyone else has gotten.

Moving on...

The swap I'm signed up for at the present is Mermaids. 

I found this pin-up mermaid on a collage sheet from etsy and the background is a print out of a tile sample. I printed it a couple of times and popped it up here and there for depth. The coral piece is from Alpha Stamps, as well as another mermaid collage set, Mermaid Garden, designed by Laura Carson.

The sentiment is from a T.S. Eliot poem, hence the title of this ATC "Eliot's Muse".

I have two more to work on and I'd actually planned to do it tonight. In fact, I was PLANNING on it. Except I had two instances over the past three hours where I bit the back of my tongue. In the same place. Now, there's a horrid bump on the back of my tongue that hurts so badly I tracked each child down, along with the husband, and warned them (through clenched teeth) that if they did ANYTHING to make me yell at them and I bit my tongue doing it, they would WISH they were in a dark forest filled with half animal/dead humans monsters and psycho children wanting to cut their throats, a la Hunger Games. 

Maybe it was the delivery, or maybe they knew there was a bit of truth to that warning, but all four fled. As they pulled out of the driveway, the 17 year old (who THINKS he's immortal, apparently) leaned out and said "Isn't that what you used to tell us were 'Lie Bumps' when WE got them?"

Good thing they were in the Beemer and could outrun the force of my fury. 


Actually, that's what my grandmother used to call them. If you told a lie, you got a nasty, sore in your mouth. Now, of course I didn't believe her after I reached 7 or 8. Mostly because I figured out that if it were true, my entire face would've been a festering sore.

Since all I can do is swish salt water and sulk over not being able to eat anything worthwhile, I decided to upload this ATC and head out to the barn to spend time with another family member. My 11 year old beautiful quarter-horse Coco. Seriously...she's one of my children. And like my kids, she has totally got the 'ignoring me' thing down pat. Not to mention trying to bite me when I try to clean her up and refusing to acknowledge me unless I bribe her with treats.

I TOLD you she was just like my kids.

Well, it looks like my job here is done. I worked in the title, displayed my ATC and now I'm going to take my lie bump and attempt to soothe it with an obscene amount of ice cream. 

Or maybe vodka. 

I'm not picky. 


  1. Good Day Carmen
    Maybe a trip to the ER for the "lie bumps" a nice dose of pain medication and a break from the men is in order. Want you to know you were missed while your mojo was on hiatus and very happy to see you back here. Your ATC is beautiful and I love the colorway you used. Missed you. Missed your creations. Missed your humor. How wonderful to come to one place and have all your needs satisfied. lol. Okay I shall not go any further than that as "needs satisfied" could imply so many things and some naughty. Hahaha! Congrats on having the privilege of being part of this exclusive group. Hats off to you as it shows your artistic efforts are amazing.

    Oh my, "lie bumps" I love it. I remember when my daughter was young she couldn't understand the difference between a little white lie or LIE. She is our family fibber even at age 37. Sad but true but even at that age she can't figure out how I know she she is fibbing, white lying or out and out lying...all of which she does way too often. I think some people are just born that way. I use to tell her every time she lied her nose would grow and if that were true her nose would be as long as the US is wide. lol. Her mate, who loves her dearly and can't tell even white lie to save his soul, says their are liars, pathological liars and habitual liars and sadly there are people that are all three. When my girls pushed me to the point of threatening bodily harm I would tell them I am counting to 3 and if they didn't stop what was driving me to uncap the bottle of Southern Comfort I would tell them now your mine and I am going to nail you to the wall. Crucification style. And I have a huge hammer and some really deadly long nails so racing off they would go. Where they went I don't know or care as long as I couldn't see them in any room of the house. At least you have your horse, your ice cream and vodka to turn to. flavored ice cream. Sounds divine. Maybe I'm onto something. I'll let you know. lol!

  2. Beautifully designed! Your creativity has no limits. Your work is so impeccably done, Carmen! I spewed coke all over the screen at your line about "festering sores!" Thanks again for another good laugh!