Saturday, March 5, 2016

Under the Big Top Swap for VPI Part deux

I know, I know....there's nothing more pretentious than using 'deux' instead of 'two', especially when your French consists of...


Wow. I actually don't think I have ANY French to speak of! In fact, I don't even know if 'deux' means 'two' anyway! It just sounded similar! What do I know? What do you people want from me anyway???

Sorry. I'm a little put out. 

My husband just came to my art studio (consider it 'French' for craft room) and stood around, moping.

He NEVER comes in here! 

Even WHEN he's up to date on his tetanus!

At any rate, he's not feeling well. Oddly enough, this mystery illness only manifested AFTER his golf game.

So, I've got to go take care of the man I promised to love and honor, in sickness and in health. Although, to be truthful, I really didn't mean it regarding the 'sickness'. Mostly because I already KNEW how difficult men are when they're sick. I just said 'I do' because I was HOPING I'd never have to deal with it. 


So, with that party waiting to get started, I'm going to post my last circus ATC for the VPI swap. Since they're mailed to other people, and I always include a 'Hostess Card', I decided to make the card with the stage my Hostess Card and make this one to go out to another swapper. 

I hear moaning from upstairs. So, it's either ignore him and hope he goes to sleep, or risk staying here and having him shuffle into my studio again and chance him messing something up. Looks like option number 1 is the one to go with if I want to preserve BOTH our sanity.

Have a good weekend!!


  1. Your attention to detail is amazing. Each one of this is just mind boggling! Laughed like crazy about the sick guys too!

  2. Each of your Big Top projects are incredible. All those tiny details. You just keep me laughing with your real life stories. Are your sure your not Erma Brombeck (think that was her name)clone? Your humor reminds me of her.

    Oh god there is nothing worse than a sick man. Thankfully my sick man was gladly out of my life 35 years ago. But I remember him dying on the bed, well not literally. Once it was over a splinter. You would have thought he had brain surgery. My favorite, his screaming and moaning in agony for three days over having a tooth pulled. He's lucky I let him live but felt it was necessary as he was/is the father of my children. Go for option 1 and hope he's on the mend and your out of your nurses uniform.

    1. Sande-
      First of all, Erma Bombeck was/is my IDOL!! You are forever in my good graces for that. And while I appreciate the compliment, I almost pees myself over YOUR story!!! How many times have I refrained from causing him bodily harm because of the children?? And not because I think they'd miss was more that I'd be darned if I was raising these hellions by myself! Oh no...he was ABSOLUTELY going to be there to share my misery! Know that you are now part of the gang of women here at PG that I'm calling "The Last of the Good Ol' Broads". Because that's what we are. Not exactly ladies but women who can wear a dress while utilizing a power tool. Cheers! ;)

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