Thursday, March 10, 2016

Odd Dreams for Blissful Art Swap

Let me begin by saying that there is, indeed, a price to pay if you spend a couple of hours watching a David Bowie tribute.

And THIS is that price, friends. 

To be fair, I think this fits our theme Odd Dreams perfectly! 

I mean, when is the last time you've encountered a dragon's eye that someone went all Lady Gaga on?? Just LOOK! Black glimmer eyelashes (Impression Obsession Grass Die) then tipped with gold leaf paint? Rhinestones colored black with my Copic lines the eye and gives it a little more glamor!

And the EYE. Oh, yes. The EYE. 
Made from Sculpey clay by yours truly. 
(Tutorial available on

Using my Tim Holtz crackle stencil, I used crackle paste and laid it thick on a piece of chipboard, then swabbed it with different shades of green ink when dry. A little black to fill the cracks and I've got a gorgeous reptile face! As you can see, the eye is I glued it to chipboard and cut a hole in the 'skin'. I could've just glued it to the top part but I liked the dimensional effect! 

Actually, I didn't think about it in time. But it worked. So there.

I have named this "Bette Davis Eyes".

Mostly because I couldn't think of a decent Bowie song to go with, not to mention I'm a bit 'Bowie'd' out at the moment. 

Sorry this is short...I promise to be back with SOME type of humor-or reasonable facsimile thereof-in a day or so. I'm in the process of having this blawg redone and Pearl from Pages in Progress is doing a fab job with it! At a REALLY good price. If you need her, go to and she'll be glad to help you. After she's done with me. ;)


  1. I'd love to dive inside your mind and learn just how you create and come up with this! Amazing artwork and so imaginative! Love the eyelashes and the eye is amazing!!

    1. I had a friend read the stinkbug entry today and, after reading the comments, said "I want to know where this Nancy lives...apparently, they don't have stink bugs there and I'm moving." HAHAHAHAHA TY for being well as offering a stink bug safe zone if ever I should need one. ;)

  2. Now that I've picked my jaw off the desk in awe of your latest project all I can say is WoW! Just Wow! This is incredible. Every time I check in I'm blow away but this wasn't something I had expected to see. Betty Davis the song. Can't wait to see your new blog I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I love David Bowie so here's a fitting song for your creation...
    "Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)" (David Bowie)

    See these eyes so green
    I can stare for a thousand years
    Colder than the moon
    It's been so long
    And I've been putting out fire
    With gasoline."

    Just the first verse as I thought it was the most fitting.

    1.'re good! Never thought about that song!

  3. This turned out beautifully!! Especially with those eyelashes!! Lovely dragon eye. Feels like it's looking right at me. Fantastic job!!